Francine Henrich

- Our art is to support yours -

H & H Mécénat is an organisation that aims to financially and logistically support young talented artists, aged under 40 years old. The board of directors consists of seven experienced people from the art world (chief editor of a magazine on Contemporary Art, exhibition curator, artist’s agent, gallery director and collector). Their role is to select from all the applications the final candidates who will be granted a sponsorship that can last between one and three years. The length of the sponsorship depends on the artist’s project and the time he or she will require to realise it.

Philippe Henrich

The selection of candidates takes place annually in the presence of all members of H & H Mécénat. The criteria for the selection is primarily based on the relevance of the project and how feasible is its realisation in terms of time and costs.

We privilege painters and sculptures above all. However, we do receive applications from artists who use other media and we encourage them to approach alternative structures that are better suited to their artistic techniques.

Through a network of art galleries and cultural centres, we will be exhibiting the awarded candidates’ works upon completion of their project. Our online platform will be following the progress of each laureate up to the completion of their project. Artists who are interested by H & H Mécénat can submit their application directly through our website right now.